Learn Who Your Customers are with Google Analytics


OK, so you have a website. Now what? Do you know who’s visiting it and how often? Do you know which pages your customers are looking at the most? Do you know the true value of each visitor to your website?

That’s where Google Analytics comes in.

Web analytics are the core to your online marketing strategy, and at the core in understanding where your website traffic is coming from, what search engines were used, and what keywords were searched.

With our web analytics services, you gain a clear understanding of your website’s performance, online marketing data and conversions.  Analytics provide the numbers and strategy on where you can improve, allowing you to be informed and efficient in analyzing your website success and opportunities.

Google Analytics Configuration & Reports

Envision Media 360 often utilizes Google Analytics for our website and online marketing analytics services.  Google Analytics allows for basic and custom data tracking and reports to communicate key performance data to your organization.

While Google Analytics is a free service, it demands an experienced and customized configuration to truly leverage its vast capabilities. Our analytics expertise can help you.

  • Custom tracking of all online marketing
  • Search engine traffic and other referring website tracking
  • Search keyword and keyword phrase tracking
  • Custom analytics dashboards
  • Custom analytics reports emailed weekly or monthly to you
  • Goal and conversion funnel tracking
  • Enhanced e-commerce tracking
  • Search marketing campaign tracking – SEO & PPC campaigns
  • Internal site search tracking and reporting
  • Mobile device tracking of iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • Various integrations with 3rd party reporting services and tools

Envision Media 360 can set up and configure the settings you need to succeed online. We also help break down the tracked data and provide recommendations for improvements of your online efforts.

Google Analytics Integration services can be added to an existing website property, or installed on a new website. Contact us today to learn more about this service.